“With her groundbreaking book and new companion DVDs, Deborah Davis offers the world a unique approach to QiGong… An approach focused specifically on the application of QiGong for improving women’s health and longevity. Thousands of years ago Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners grasped the distinct principles of female physiology and used this knowledge to develop the secrets of QiGong for women. Today, Deborah shares this ancient knowledge and these secrets with women everywhere.”

Susan E. Brown, Ph.D., CNS
Director, The Center for Better Bones




Gentle movements chosen to increase vitality, help balance/nourish hormones, calm the emotions, prevent breast cancer and age gracefully.

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Experience the joy of learning and practicing qigong in world renowned retreat centers including Kripalu Yoga Center, Omega Institute, Esalen and Breitenbush Hot springs.

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Prevent and heal disease with women’s medical qigong. Increase your energy, mental clarity and well-being, reduce stress and cultivate longevity.

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“Women’s Qigong for Health and Longevity is loaded with practical, effective, and transformational information and practices to help all midlife women maintain vibrant health.”

AUTHOR OF Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom



Intuitive Readings & Medical Intuitive

Receive Guidance & Support

Deborah’s Intuitive (psychic) Readings offer practical guidance to address personal concerns such as life purpose, relationships, relocation, and health. Deborah is also a medical intuitive combining her innate psychic gifts with an expertise in alternative medicine. She works with you to uncover and shift emotions.

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